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10 Organizing Projects You Can Do While Watching Television

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Too tired to get organized? Here are some of my favorite ideas for 'organizing in your bunny slippers.' 10 Organizing Projects You Can Do While Watching Television I


Do you watch TV? What’s your favorite television show at the moment?

The Voice?
Big Bang Theory?
Dancing With the Stars?

Watching television can be a great way to relax, learn a new subject or be entertained. But, I’ll let you in on a little organizing secret:

Watching television can be a great way to get organized.

You’re probably thinking, “What? I can organize my house while watching TV? Hook me up!”

Well, I’m about to…

As I’ve discussed in past posts, in order to reach an organizing goal, one must have a plan in place and mini-goals set to eventually reach that goal. Some of these mini-goals or projects can be accomplished while watching television. Sitting down. In your bunny slippers. With a glass of wine in your hand–if you’d like.

Before you plop down on the couch in your pajamas with or without a glass of liquid inspiration, bring an organizing project with you. Here are ten organizing projects/mini-goals you can easily tackle while watching television, getting you one step closer to the organizing finish line:

1. Empty your wallet and go through receipts, business cards, cash, etc.

2. Put your sock drawer (T-shirts/underwear/you get the idea) on your lap and sort/purge/organize

3. Put your kitchen junk drawer on the floor/coffee table to sort through, purge and reorganize

4.  Sort through, delete or update apps on your smart phone

5. Organize recipes into categories and place in plastic sleeves in a binder

6. Sort/Purge a stack of papers from your file cabinet/dining room table/pile on the floor

7. Group photos by event, person or chronologically and put into albums

8. Sort through old magazines

9. Sort/Purge expired coupons

10. Fold laundry and put away during commercials

What will you be watching and organizing tonight?

About Stacey Agin Murray

Stacey is a professional organizer & speaker in New Jersey specializing in residential organizing, time, and paper management challenges. She also authored The Organized Bride’s Thank You Note Handbook: Let Systems and 101 Modern Sample Thank You Notes Take You From Overwhelmed to Organized.

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14 responses to “10 Organizing Projects You Can Do While Watching Television”

  1. Liana George says:

    Love these ideas! Great way to kill 2 birds with one stone!! Definitely sharing with others 🙂

    • Stacey Agin Murray says:

      Getting something done while I’m relaxing in front of the television always makes me feel a little bit productive. Thanks for sharing my post on LinkedIn!

  2. Seana Turner says:

    Such a great time of year for this post, as many of us are stuck inside on long, cold, dark, evenings. Definitely a great time to finally tackle that stack of magazines!

    • Stacey Agin Murray says:

      I worked on magazines while my kids were on winter break. Now, moving onto photos clogging up my iPhone and iPad. I may need to watch more television just to get THAT done!

  3. I’m a fan of laundry folding while watching a program…although even with that, sometimes I like to just focus on the process of folding and putting the piles away without any distractions.

    • Stacey Agin Murray says:

      Folding clean clothes can be very ‘zen.’ Yesterday, I did the laundry and my husband took some advice from my post and folded it all while he was relaxing in front of the television. Three cheers for hubby!

  4. I’m a fan of shredding personal documents while watching a movie. It works well. But, I do need to raise the volume up a bit to hear it. =)

    • Stacey Agin Murray says:

      Shredding is another way to organize in front of the television–we can make that #11! Yes–you’ll have to make the volume louder but it’s worth it to be able to safely purge papers from your home. A perfect project to start the day before a paper recycling pick-up.

  5. I usually do the load and unload the dishwasher of hang and put away laundry while the TV is on or the radio It’s good to have some company! Cleaning out your purse, sorting recipes and going through magazines are things I do as well! Great tips Stacey

    • Stacey Agin Murray says:

      You get a lot done while the TV is on–good for you! In fact, I think I should make time to go through all the receipts in my wallet tonight. let me see–what’s on television tonight…hmmmm…. 🙂

  6. Sara Skillen says:

    I like to organize to podcasts, but I’m going to give some of these ideas a try – especially the wallet cleanout!

    • Stacey Agin Murray says:

      It’s so easy to clean out your wallet while watching TV. Leave a spot next to you on the couch, dump the contents of your wallet on the cushion next to you. Sort and purge items. Put it all back together. Keep watching TV. Throw out any trash during the commercial. Wallet is all done. Enjoy your time organizing and watching TV!

  7. I’m a BBT fan! Love the concept of this post. Great suggestions for mini tasks to get done during what usually is considered “wasted time.” I usually go through photos on my phone or clean up Pinterest boards while I watch television.

    • Stacey Agin Murray says:

      I do a great deal of pinning on Pinterest while watching TV although I try to keep both eyes on the screen while watching BBT–it’s such a great show. Thanks for your kind words!

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