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A Collection of Organizing ‘Funnies’

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

It’s the holiday season. We know that it doesn’t take much to make his time of year feel stressful. Everyone is talking about how to get and stay organized for the holidays. And, yes–it’s important to be organized, but it’s also important (and necessary) to sit down for a while, rest your weary “I’ve been cooking, shopping, doing-for-others-all-day” bones and LAUGH.

I’ve been seeing a lot of those ‘your e cards’ from on Pinterest. They always give me a good chuckle so I thought I’d share and put a bunch of my favorites here. I could give you organizing tips, but I thought I’d give you a good belly laugh instead…


Gotta love Maxine’s sense of humor…

This reminds me of the children’s book, Swimmy by Leo Lionni…

A little scientific organizing humor…

Even animals can benefit from getting organized!

And this one’s for the ladies…

Hope I made you smile.

Happy holidays!

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Stacey is a professional organizer & speaker in New Jersey specializing in residential organizing, time, and paper management challenges. She also authored The Organized Bride’s Thank You Note Handbook: Let Systems and 101 Modern Sample Thank You Notes Take You From Overwhelmed to Organized.

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6 responses to “A Collection of Organizing ‘Funnies’”

  1. Seana Turner says:

    Ha – so funny! I’ve never seen the snake one — that’s very funny. I agree that laughing is a great thing to be doing all year, and especially when things get stressful.

  2. Yes–one of the best ways to beat stress is to laugh. My favorite is the one with Ryan Gossling. I have no idea who he is but I love the pic and what he’s saying to Ladies Who Like to Organize!

  3. Maxine always makes me chuckle! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Stacey Agin Murray says:

      Maxine is a riot! She has ‘no filter’ and has no problem speaking her mind! Will have to keep my eyes open for more Maxine Organizing Funnies.

  4. Liana George says:

    Thanks for the laughs! Those were great 🙂

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