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Organizing MY Home: Moving Tips

Sunday, July 31st, 2016


I haven’t moved much in my lifetime. I went away to college and moved some of my stuff with me. As a single gal, I moved in and out of a one bedroom apartment, then moved those belongings to a house when I got married. After that, no moving for fourteen years.

So, when my husband and I decided to renovate and add on to our home, we chose to move our family and 98% of what we owned to a rental across town for the duration of the project. Once our house was finished we would pack up again and move back in. Two moves in one year. Gulp. I was a little out of practice. But, I knew that if we were organized, we’d get the job done with barely a few mishaps.

Here are some tips that helped us have an organized move (twice!):

Start purging early

If you have been in one place for a while, you have probably accumulated some ‘stuff.’ For some of you, you might have A LOT of ‘stuff.’ Advice that I learned early on and continue to pass on to my clients is, “Don’t pay to move anything you don’t want moved in the first place.” With that quote in mind, I created the ‘two-can’ rule. Every weekend, we purged an area of our home and made sure to fill our two garbage cans before trash collection day. Making decisions can take a while–my recommendation is to start purging as soon as you know you’ll be moving.


It takes a village to pack up a home and move so line up your villagers and let them know how they can help! Some examples of how they can help you are:

-Get your kids involved. Have them crumple up newspaper. Have them bring empty boxes to different rooms. Ask them to purge and pack their own belongings. It is a good exercise in decision-making and takes some tasks off your already-full plate.

kids helping with a move

-Ask friends and relatives to bring you their old newspapers, help you pack boxes, hold onto valuables, babysit your kids–whatever you need to ensure a smooth packing and moving experience.

-Get it delivered. The internet can be part of your village, too. Run out of packing tape? Order it. Need more boxes quick? Look on Craigslist to see if any of your neighbors are getting rid of boxes and stuffing. Need to research moving companies? Google! And have dinner delivered, too…

NAPO. Yes–there are Professional Organizers who specialize in packing and moving people. Head to the NAPO website to find someone in your area and let a professional be part of your village.

Organize your packing supplies

If you can, start the packing process as far in advance as you can. You’d be surprised how long it takes to pack an entire home! While you’re purging, this would be a great time to start collecting packing supplies such as:

-boxes from the liquor store or from a boxed product other than food
-a minimum of one tape gun per person doing the packing
-packing tape
-newspaper and store circulars
-thick black markers/Sharpies
-bubble wrap/packaging from packages you’ve received
-scissors/box cutter
-plastic wrap/plastic baggies of varying sizes

Keep all of your packing supplies in one spot. Use a bucket/caddy large enough to hold your tape gun, scissors, 2-3 black markers, labels, etc. A bucket/caddy is easy to transport from room to room and easy to spot amidst a room full of boxes. Place supplies back in the bucket when you’ve finished a box-packing session so you’ll know where they are the next time you want to fill a box.

Create an organized packing system

We had to keep track of over 100 boxes. Some of those boxes we unpacked in our rental home and some stayed packed for nine months in our garage. In order to find what we needed during those nine months, I had to create a packing system that would allow us to easily locate clothes and other belongings for Summer, Fall and Winter. Keep an eye out for my next post–you’ll see the Master Packing List my husband and I created to keep us organized through two moves.

By the way, some things just don’t fit easily in a box. Here’s how I moved our close-to-full olive oil dispenser–who knew my driver’s side cup holder could be the perfect spot to nestle it for the short ride across town?

Organizing MY Home: Moving Tips. Get yourself a whole lotta packing tape! I #movingtips

Thanks to some organization, our amazing ‘villagers,’ and a highly competent moving company, we survived our two moves!

Organizing MY Home: Moving Tips. Get yourself a whole lotta packing tape! I #movingtips

Montvale Movers moved us twice!

Next post: The packing system that got me through two moves in a year…


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Organizing MY Home: Renovation and Addition

Friday, July 15th, 2016


Think about an organizing project that would challenge a veteran Professional Organizer–what would it be? A room filled with loose papers? A fashionista’s exploding closet?  An overstuffed garage?

How about a renovation/addition project? Her own homes’ renovation/addition project!

For about eight years my husband and I kept going back and forth trying to decide–move or renovate/add on to our home.  We kept lists on paper and eventually in Evernote as to what we wanted/needed and didn’t want/need in a future home. Our house was ‘whispering’ to us–sending us ‘SOS’ signals. Slowly, appliances began to die, cracks appeared in the walls, plumbing started to malfunction. We were busting out of our closets, kitchen, and living space. It was time to make a decision.


Organizing MY Home--Renovation/Addition. Must read! Organizing steps you'll want to take before starting such a huge project... I organized #homerenovationaddition

This was our house before the renovation/addition project began.


After much deliberation, we decided to stay at our current address and renovate/add on to our home. I knew this was not going to be a quick and easy project. I also knew this would take and enormous amount of energy, thought, coordination, and organization. This project was so all encompassing that during this time I had to take a few things ‘off my plate’ such as blogging. This is my first blog post in over a year–I’m writing it happily from my new home office!

Here are some of the organizing steps we took for this project to flow smoothly…

Purging of our entire home

Based on our contractors’ recommendation and the fact that we have a child with food allergies and need a full kitchen to cook for him, we decided to rent a house across town during the construction process. That meant we had to take everything with us. Eve-ry-thing.

After meeting with our contractor and architect, we started the purging process. Each weekend before our move-out date, my husband and I would tackle a room together and purge it of what we didn’t want to come back into our new home (we purged during the week, too). I created ‘The Two Can Rule.’ Our garbage pick up day was Tuesday so every Sunday, we had to fill a minimum of the two garbage cans from our purging session. We also created bags for donations and gave things away to family, friends, and schools.

Creating an organized packing system

The last time I had packed to move, it was the contents of my one-bedroom apartment when I got married. Now, I was packing a three-bedroom house with a filled attic and basement. This double move required a multi-tiered packing and tracking system. Half of our boxes were stored in the garage of our temporary rental home and the rest were unpacked for daily use. Then, before moving back in to our new home, we had to purge (again!) and pack up to then finally unpack (again!). More on my packing system in a future post.  If you or someone you know is moving in the future–keep your eye out for it. You’re going to want to know about the system I used. It was a success!

Creating a ‘home’ for all project-related paperwork and correspondence

This renovation/addition project churned out an inordinate amount of paperwork–even for a Professional Organizer to keep on top of. Keeping track of receipts, returns, contracts, finances, bills for two homes, design choices and all other related papers was overwhelming. I created a binder for all papers and created folders in my inbox for emails from our contractor, subcontractors, designer and others. (True PO Confession: The project plus our everyday life became so overwhelming, I just started putting all papers in one box so I would know where to find them if I needed them. Last month, I created a portable hanging file box for all renovation/addition papers and they’re stored in my closet.)

Creating a ‘home’ for all design-related items

I quickly found that I needed a space for things I would need handy for the design part of this project. I stored a recycle bag in my car filled with paint and tile samples, fabric swatches, a tape measure, scissors, and a roll of blue tape. It was always there when I needed it–at a store, at the construction site, in my car. If I had a dollar for every time I used that bag, I’d be a rich lady!

And all of this doesn’t happen with out an amazing team that was organized in their own areas of expertise…


Rich Palmacchio of RTJ Construction and Joseph Donato, Architect


Deborah Glazer of DRG Design Group


Montvale Moving

Plus subcontractors, friends, relatives, salespeople, and everyone else who kept us focused, informed, and sane. A big organizing shout-out goes to my hubby who became a purging, packing (unpacking) and organizing LEGEND during this project.


Organizing MY Home--Renovation/Addition. Must read! Organizing steps you'll want to take before starting such a huge project... I organized #homerenovationaddition

This is our house after the renovation/addition project was complete.


They say it takes a village to raise a child? It also takes a village–an organized village–to raise a house!


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Getting Organized: A Quick FAQ

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015


Whether I’m at a networking meeting, a client’s home, or a social or family gathering I am often asked the same few questions about getting organized. Some people ask me about products, others ask me how I feel about all the organizing shows that have been on television, but most ask the questions below.

I hope the answers to these questions prove to be helpful as you begin or continue your journey to an organized life.

Why is it important to be organized?
Organized people are able to find the things they need when they need them—and finding what you need when you need it is what ‘being organized’ is all about. Being organized saves you time, money, and stress. By being organized, one is able to put lost time back in their day, money back in their wallets, and live life with less stress and frustration overall.
How do I get organized if I don’t have the time?
You have to MAKE the time. If you didn’t make the time to get your car an oil change would it work well? If you didn’t make the time to exercise and cook healthy meals would your body be able to maintain an active lifestyle? If you don’t set aside the time to ‘get organized,’ your household as well as your life will not function to it’s fullest capacity.

Start by making a fifteen-minute appointment with yourself at a time of day when you are most energetic. Mark it in a calendar and stick to it. You don’t need to devote eight hours on a Sunday to getting organized—you’d be amazed at how much you can get done by spending fifteen minutes in ‘organizing mode.’

Where do I begin?
I’m always asked this question and the person asking it usually has a look of panic on their face! I always recommend to people that they take inventory of their organizing needs and select an area that is driving them crazy or making their life difficult. For a small business owner, it may be their filing system. For a stay-at-home mom, it may be the playroom or the kitchen.

Break the task down into small, manageable tasks. For instance, if it’s your kitchen that’s disorganized, start by going through the silverware drawer. After you’ve tackled the drawer, you’re done with organizing for the day unless you choose to move on to another small section of the kitchen such as the sippy cup collection or the spice rack.

Once I’m organized, how do I maintain it?
The most important thing you need to keep your home/home office organized is DESIRE—the desire to keep your space organized and the desire to put forth the effort to keep it as so. Realistic goals are also necessary when it comes to ‘staying organized.’ You cannot expect an overnight change–on average it takes 21 days to establish a habit. So, if you install a hook by the front door for your keys and you forget once in a while to hang them there, don’t beat yourself up over it—it will come naturally soon enough.

Be prepared–there will be some days where you won’t have the time or energy to organize even the smallest of spaces—that’s OK. Just do your best. I tell people that one of the most important things they can do when they lack the time or energy to organize is to just stay ‘on top of their lives.’ Putting dishes back in the cabinet after they’ve dried, dealing with your mail shortly after you walk through the door, straightening out the medicine cabinet while you’re brushing your teeth are all quick and easy ways to prevent disorganization from creeping back into a newly organized space.

NAPO logo

National Association of Professional Organizers

What can a Professional Organizer do for me?
A Professional Organizer has the skills and experience to provide their clients with information, ideas, solutions and systems to increase productivity and reduce stress. By hiring a professional organizer you will not only be able to take advantage of their knowledge, and expertise, but you’ll be able to benefit from their non-judgemental physical and emotional support as well.

To find a Professional Organizer in your area, go to the website of the National Association of Professional Organizers and click on ‘Find an Organizer.’ It may be the first step on your journey to an organized life.

Do you have any other questions? Ask away!

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NAPO Conference 2015: Lotsa Learning in Los Angeles

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

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I just had the opportunity to attend the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Annual Conference in Los Angeles, CA (can you imagine 600+ Professional Organizers in one place at one time?). Since my first conference back in 2004, I’ve stuck to the east coast and midwest locations. Jet lag is not my best friend but this year, I decided to not let that stop me. I heard the whispers…

“Go west, young lady!”

And so I did! Off to the 2015 NAPO Conference in sunny Los Angeles I went. And besides looking forward to learning and networking, I was looking forward to that California sun. The winter here in NJ was long and dreary and I needed some natural Vitamin D to jumpstart my body for Spring. The five hour flight provided me with time to indulge in a novel–what a ‘novel’ idea since most books I have read lately have to do with my business, my kids, or health. If you’d like to read a great book, try Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier.

This year, my Conference experience was a bit different. With two kids at home, it’s not easy to get away for an extended period of time. I usually get to the Conference as soon as it begins and leave as it’s ending. This year, I flew in the afternoon before and stayed an extra day to visit with my cousin. Took the red-eye flight and was home before 8am. Shout-out to my hubby for ‘holding down the fort’ so I could grow in my career and visit with family in L.A..

Also different about this year’s Conference: my book. I belong to a NAPO Special Interest Group (SIG) for people who are or wish to be authors. This year at our EXPO/Marketplace, our SIG had a bookstore and I jumped at the opportunity to sell my book, The Organized Bride’s Thank You Note Handbook in the bookstore along with more than twenty of my PO/Author colleagues. Besides having my book on display for purchase, I had a book signing which was a ton of fun. I signed books while wearing a tiara and veil–it definitely drew people to my table!


The Organized Bride's Thank You Note Handbook

The Organized Bride’s Thank You Note Handbook

NAPO EXPO Authorship & Publishing Bookstore

NAPO EXPO Authorship & Publishing Bookstore

Me and the first person to buy my book--she's just got engaged!

Me (in the tiara and veil) and the first person to buy my book–she’s just got engaged!

The EXPO/Marketplace was abuzz with large and small companies showing off their organizing wares to the attendees. Some of the booths I found to have interesting products were: Forever, Time Timer, and of course–Pendaflex which gave out a bountiful goody bag to everyone who walked by. Who could resist?

Pendaflex swag


The NAPO Conference is always chock full of interesting workshops. This year, I took classes in Virtual Organizing, Branding, Digital Photo Organizing, YouTube Video Marketing, and Using Technology to Increase Productivity. Learned a few things I didn’t know in an Evernote workshop, too.  There was an ‘Ask the Business Organizer’ panel and an Opening and Closing Keynote. The Opening Keynote was done by two guys who call themselves ‘The Minimalists.’ If you haven’t read their blog and their back story (which was fascinating) check out The Minimalist’s website.


The Minimalists

The Minimalists giving the Opening Keynote address at the 2015 NAPO Conference in Los Angeles

This has very little to do with organizing but I felt the need to snap a picture of this yummy dessert we were served at our last lunch of the Conference.. And yes, it was as good as it looks…





After three days of workshops, networking, and noshing it was time to leave the Westin Bonaventure and meet up with my cousin who is a life-long resident of Los Angeles. We had about 24 hours together and I got to see the highlights of L.A. including a quick trip to a beautiful place I must get back to someday–The Getty Museum.


Stacey at The Getty Museum

Me visiting The Getty Museum


The day I returned from the NAPO Conference, my son was on Spring Break. This week I’ve been catching up with organizing appointments and meeting with prospective clients. Next week, I’ll be focusing on what I learned in the classes I took at the NAPO Conference and bit by bit will be incorporating the knowledge into my business. I’ve already got my sights set on attending the NAPO Conference in Atlanta in 2016. No jet-lag worries! Can’t wait–it should be just peachy…

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3 Items to Wear While Getting Organized

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

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Before I leave my home office to work with a client, I make sure that I have everything I need: label maker, trash/recycle bags, post-its, and a whole host of other organizing tools I keep in my work bag. The other thing I make sure I have ‘on’ me: comfortable clothes.

Getting organized is a physical endeavor. Lots of moving, stretching, bending–it’s important to be dressed comfortably. You don’t want tight clothes, itchy tags, or shoes that rub the wrong way to distract you from reaching your organizing goals.

Before we start working together, I advise my clients to dress comfortably for our organizing sessions whether we’re working in a basement, clothes closet, or home office. I let them know that I’ll be ‘dressed to organize,’ too. Comfort is key–this is not the time to try out a new maxi dress and flip flops.

Since starting my organizing business over twelve years ago, I have spent a great deal of time searching stores for clothes and shoes (and maternity clothes for two pregnancies) that work well for my profession. It’s taken me many visits to stores, but I’ve come up with a short list of must-haves in my wardrobe for getting organized.

3 items I wear while organizing clients and my own home are:

Clothes with stretch I move A LOT on the job and my clothes have to move with me. I’m a hoot to watch in a store dressing room. I put on the garment and start pretending I’m helping someone organize a room. I bend over, stretch high, twist my body left to right. I do all of this to make sure tops and bottoms move with me as I move. In fact, most clothes that I wear to organize in are cotton or a cotton blend and have some kind of spandex material in them for that very reason. Like the one below, I’ve started wearing draped cardigans with a tank top underneath for ease of movement. They’re stylish and can be dressed up or down depending upon who and what I’m working with.

3 Items to Wear While Getting Organized - Be comfortable! I #organizeclothes

Draped front cardigan –

Wrist watch Time flies when you’re engrossed in an organizing project. It’s wise to wear a wrist watch in order to always be aware of the time. Yes, you can use your phone but maybe you’re not wearing clothes with pockets or maybe your surfaces are filled with stuff and you may not be be able to find it under the piles. Wear a watch. As a Professional Organizer, not only am I helping my client get organized, I’m also managing the time during our sessions. My watch needs to have a face that I can see easily with a quick glance. I don’t own this, but I thought it would work perfectly…


3 Items to Wear While Getting Organized - Be comfortable! I #organizeclothes

Geneva Platinum Ladies’ Large Round Face Silicone Watch from

Closed-toe footwear Of the three items I wear while organizing, wearing closed-toe shoes is the most important–not so much for comfort but more for safety. Have you ever noticed that dropping even a light object on your bare foot can hurt? I have made clients change into closed-toe shoes before starting a session in a garage/basement/attic–even a clothing closet! You never know what will fall on your foot. Let’s keep those little piggies safe. I like to wear Skechers–they’re as comfy as a sneaker but have more style.


3 Items to Wear While Getting Organized - Be comfortable! I #organizeclothes

Skechers Relaxed Fit Breathe Easy Miss Me

I have a Pinterest board on this very topic–check it out for some comfy and stylish ideas…

What is your most comfortable outfit to wear while organizing?


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5 Must-Haves for Spring Cleaning Your Clothes Closet

Friday, March 20th, 2015


Great ideas! 5 Must-Haves for Spring Cleaning Your Clothes Closet |


Where I live, it’s kinda cold. And it’s the first day of Spring (insert frowny face here). As much as I’d love to start doing a little spring cleaning in my closet, I still need my polartec tops and flannel lined jeans. May have to start elsewhere this weekend…

But, if you live in a warmer climate or just can’t look at your boots one more day, then by all means start spring cleaning your clothes closet.


Here are the 5 ‘must-haves’ you’ll need for this project:

Garbage bags

Despite their name, these bags won’t all be used for garbage. Grab two colors–black, white, and a third bag can be a reusable tote. Designate black for trash, white for donations, and the tote for repairs. Why use this system? I have heard stories of people accidentally donating their trash and putting their donations to the curb because they used bags of one color.

As you are sorting through and purging clothes from your closet, place them in the correct bag. Clothes with repairable tears and shoes/handbags that need a little TLC from the shoemaker go in your tote bag. When you finish, place the black bags wherever you keep your trash, put the donation and repair bags in your car or at your doorway, and mark off a day on your calendar to drop off them off at their next destinations.

Pad of paper and pen or cell phone

As you go through your clothes, you may find that they have an old stain, they’re too loose or tight, or you just don’t love it anymore. When getting rid of garments, keep a list of items you’d like to replace. That way, when you’re at the mall, you don’t have to think about what clothes you need–just refer to your list and you’ll know exactly what purchases to focus on. Use pen and paper or your cell phone to create the list–whichever works best for you.

Bottle of water/snack

Spring cleaning a clothes closet is a physical activity. Handling some sentimental items and items with ‘bad karma’ attached to them can be emotional as well. Even if you’ve eaten a large meal before starting, I’d recommend having a bottle of water and a snack at arm’s reach. You’ll need a break to clear your head and refuel–how often you do that during this task is up to you and your needs. But, I always advise my clients to bring a snack and drink into the space we’re working on. It means they don’t have to leave the room and lose focus while we’re working.

Large flat or multiple small flat surfaces

When going through a clothes closet, it’s important to have a place to put the clothes while sorting them out. If your closet is in your bedroom, use the bed to place the garments down as you make decisions. If your clothes live in a room without a bed, use folding chairs or storage tubs to separate your clothes by category. The floor is NOT a good option unless absolutely necessary. If that’s the case, please open a flat sheet, lay it on the floor and place your piles on top of the sheet.


A basic organizing principle to follow for spring cleaning or any organizing task is. ‘Make an Appointment With Yourself.’ We make appointments to see doctors and to make our hair look fabulous and we wouldn’t consider canceling them except in an emergency. Do the same with Spring Cleaning. Take out your calendar and pick a day to start. Pencil in 15 minutes, a half hour, an hour–whatever amount of time you think you can manage. Keep that appointment. You’ll be glad you did.

What do you think you’ll find in your clothes closet this Spring?


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Spring Cleaning History

Thursday, March 12th, 2015


Ever wonder where the phrase 'Spring Cleaning' comes from? Read to find out! Spring Cleaning History |

Every year around the months of March and April we hear people talking about it, we read about it in magazines, and see thousands of pins on Pinterest about it.

What could I be referring to?

Spring Cleaning!

We all use the phrase freely but where does the expression ‘Spring Cleaning’ actually come from?

History tells us that back in the ‘olden days,’ spring cleaning was a much different concept than it is today. Prevalent in climates with cold winters, this cleaning was a necessary routine because of how people had to heat their homes and keep them lit. They would use kerosene, wood, gas, oil, and candles which caused the home to develop a dark, sooty grime around it.

The arrival of spring signaled warmer temperatures and the need to clean the ash, soot, and grime left behind on household surfaces. Thus, the notion of ‘Spring Cleaning’ was born. Thankfully, most of us have modern heating systems and have an easier spring cleaning routine.

Today, we do not do ‘Spring Cleaning’ for the same reasons our ancestors did. In the 21st century, most people think of ‘Spring Cleaning’ as a time to throw open the windows, exchange their sweaters for lighter-weight clothing and clear through clutter that has collected as we burrowed in our homes during the months of winter. It’s a time to re-energize our bodies and our homes for the coming seasons.

Look at your calendar…when will you make an appointment to start your Spring Cleaning?

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Organizing Quick Tip: Shopping List Post-it

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015


How many times have you gone to the supermarket with your shopping list written on a piece of paper and any of the following happens:

• you lose it

• it drops somewhere in the cart and gets trapped under your heaviest item

• you have to carry the list while pushing the cart because you think you might lose it or drop it

Your trip to the supermarket is about to get easier…

Today’s Organizing Quick Tip:

Use large post-its for your shopping list and stick them to the
front compartment of the cart.

Organizing Quick Tip: Shopping List Post-it I #groceryshoppingtip

No more fumbling for your list. No more balancing your list and a bag of bananas. Your list is right in front of you making shopping easier and less stressful–that’s what organizing is all about.

I like the fact that these post-its have lines to write on, making your list easier to compose and read. By placing the list in this spot, it also makes it easier to cross items off your list with a pen. You can find these lined post-its in most office supply stores–or Amazon if you need a few extra dollars to make that free shipping limit…

For those of you who have small children seated in that front compartment, I know you can’t stick your shopping list in the spot above–I’ve been there. My kids’ shopping cart cover had side pockets for bottles/snacks and while my sons were little and sitting in that front section of the cart, I’d put the big post-it shopping list in one of those pockets. Yes, sometimes my child would grab it and I’d have to move it around (and sometimes even stick it to myself) but that period of their lives won’t last long. Soon you will be able to stick your post-it shopping list on the shopping cart.

Who’s going shopping the organized way today?


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The Organized Bride’s Thank You Note Handbook: A Book is Born

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been a little busy.

I wrote and self published a book…

The Organized Bride’s Thank You Note Handbook: A Book is Born - A thank you note book for brides and grooms I #weddingthankyounote

Don’t walk down the aisle without it!


Last time I blogged about it over the summer, the cover had been designed but the interior was not finished. Now, I can proudly say…


The Organized Bride’s Thank You Note Handbook is available at


I refer to it as ‘The Thank You Note Writing Guide for the Overwhelmed Bride.’ Some of its features are:

• A seven-step system for organizing and composing nuptial thank you notes

• Basic organizing principles to be applied to thank you note writing, wedding planning, and everyday life

• Solutions for easing thank you note anxiety

• Tips and helpful hints for keeping your words of thanks and the writing process organized

• 101 modern sample thank you notes to jumpstart a bride and groom’s note writing process

• An eye-catching, icon-based key for quickly finding sample notes


The writing was finished in 2013. The editing and design were completed in 2014 and the ‘Publish’ button was pressed at the beginning of 2015. With all this work, I could barely compose a post for my blog. I think I was a little ‘burned out’ when it came to putting words together on paper (or screen). I’m also still a bit ‘wet behind the ears’ when it comes to WordPress. So, I took a little time off from blogging to meet one of my personal goals: becoming a published author. It’s 2015–time to start blogging again.

I’ll continue to blog about ‘everything organzing’ but in the coming months, I’ll also share my journey to becoming a published author, offer sneak-peeks of the inside of my book (hint: it’s beautiful) and I’ll share how my organizing skills helped me to finish writing and publishing this book.


OK–I’ll give you a sneak-peek now…

The Organized Bride’s Thank You Note Handbook: A Book is Born - A thank you note book for brides and grooms I #weddingthankyounote

This wedding cake is one of the icons used in the key, helping brides to quickly and easily find the sample thank you note they need.

Oh, and the e-book version will be coming out this Spring…


If you know anyone who just got engaged or is about to walk down the aisle, please ‘Pin’ and share this blog post with them–thanks!

For everything wedding + organizing, ‘Like’ The Organized Bride’s Thank You Note Handbook on Facebook, too.

Do you have any projects you’d like to finish in 2015? Please share–I’d love to hear about them.


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Cool Product: OXO POP Containers

Monday, August 4th, 2014


Last summer, I went on a field trip to The Container Store with my colleagues from NAPO-NNJ. As you can imagine, the bunch of us that attended had a blast! We saw a few demos, learned about some new products, and had a chance to roam freely through the store. While I was roaming, I happened upon these: OXO Good Grips POP Containers

Cool Product: OXO POP Containers. So easy to open and close--I don't know who likes to use them more--me or my kids! I #OXOPOP

They were so cool! You’re probably thinking that I bought out the store…but I controlled myself and didn’t. Even though they were ‘cool,’ they were a bit pricey. I left The Container Store without them in my hand but those POP containers lingered in my brain and heart…

Here are a few reasons why I thought these were a ‘Cool Product.’
• Their square/rectangular shapes fit well side-by-side on shelves
• They stack!
• Easy open/easy close
• Aesthetically pleasing

Fast forward a few weeks. I was shopping in TJ Maxx and found a shelf in the Housewares Department filled with OXO POP Containers! And, in TJ Maxx fashion, they cost less than the ones in The Container Store–jackpot! I brought these two babies home with me, gave them a good washing, and put them to work in my pantry closet.

Cool Product: OXO POP Containers. So easy to open and close--I don't know who likes to use them more--me or my kids! I #OXOPOP
Here’s how they open and close… This is the lid when closed. That big button gets pressed to open the container. Press down and…

Cool Product: OXO POP Containers. So easy to open and close--I don't know who likes to use them more--me or my kids! I #OXOPOP
It opens!

Cool Product: OXO POP Containers. So easy to open and close--I don't know who likes to use them more--me or my kids! I #OXOPOP

When that big push-button is in the ‘up’ position, the lid is loosened and can be lifted. The push-button also acts as a handle! I thought that was pretty cool, too.
Cool Product: OXO POP Containers. So easy to open and close--I don't know who likes to use them more--me or my kids! I #OXOPOP

Push the big button down again to create an airtight seal with the pressure of a few fingertips.

Right now, I’m using the two large POP Containers for storing pretzels and Tostitos Scoops. I also bought two tall, slim containers that are holding Twizzlers and small cookies. I purchased one smaller POP Container and it fits an entire package of Fig Newtons perfectly. It’s so easy for my kids to operate them. They are able to get their own snacks and nine times out of ten, the lid goes on and nothing goes stale. That’s pretty good odds for a 4 and 8 year old…

If you’d like to try one out for yourself, check your local TJ Maxx store. I have seen one or two floating around Home Goods but I haven’t seen any in Marshall’s. Want to spring for a 10-piece set? They are sold at The Container Store, Amazon and other home stores. If you have a 20% off coupon, consider purchasing them at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Try one–I think you’ll get hooked on OXO POP!

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