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Anniversary Post – Eight Years of Blogging


Anniversary Post: Eight Years of Blogging |


This October marks the 8th anniversary of my blog. That’s A LOT of idea-generation, image creating, and typing!

I started my blog in October of 2009 shortly after I signed my son up for preschool. This was before I was on Facebook, before Pinterest was created, and before social media was a ‘thing.’ (Can you even imagine?!?)   Since then, I’ve moved my blog from Blogger to Word Press, had a second child, and joined Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Oh, and I wrote a book and survived a major home renovation project, too. My blog has evolved over time–I have found that doing yearly goal-setting has helped me stay on track.

In past ‘blogiversary’ posts, I’ve set blogging goals for the year ahead. I didn’t do too badly in 2017…

My 2017 goals:

Boosting Pinterest traffic to my website/blog

Success! In checking my blog ‘stats,’ the top place where people are coming from to check out my blog and website is Pinterest. My most popular pin on Pinterest is the blog post I wrote back in February, ” 3 Thought-Provoking Ted Talks That Will Inspire You to Get Organized.” I still ‘heart’ Pinterest and see it as a integral part of my online presence for 2018.

Create images in Canva

Success! I created a Canva image for each of my new blog posts and slowly, slowly, I am updating images from old blog posts using Canva. It’s a great way to freshen up an older yet still relevant blog post. My previous life as a graphic designer has really come in handy…

Create a blogging calendar

I’ve tried this so many times but have not found success with creating a blogging calendar. Instead, I created a paper Blog Post Template which helps me to organize my thoughts on a topic I intend to blog about. The template is a place to brain dump my ideas, jot down keywords and alt-image text for Pinterest, and websites I’ll want to link to in my post. Half the work of writing a blog post is done once I’ve filled out my template. So, although I did not find success with a blog calendar, I created a thought-organizing tool that did work for me.

Stop comparing myself to other bloggers

For the most part, I’ve been good at this. I’ve noticed that blogging has changed–it isn’t what it was when I started eight years ago. For many, blogging has evolved as a full-time business and that is something I cannot keep up with and do not wish for as part of my business model. I’ll be putting my time into some new and exciting ventures such as Virtual Organizing, marketing my wedding thank you note book, and outlining some ideas for my next book.

My 2018 goals:

Keep using Canva to update images on already existing blog posts

Right now, half of my blog posts have Canva, Pinterest-worthy, and ready images. I’ll be chipping away at my blog title list to replace old images with new Canva-generated ones.

Blog a minimum of 1x a month

At the beginning of 2017, I set a goal for myself–post to my blog a minimum of 2x a month. I did OK in the beginning but as my client list got longer and other Organized Artistry projects took precedence, blogging got left on the back burner. Creating the Blog Post Template helped me solidify future post ideas and I’ll be using it in 2018. So, my goal is to blog 1x a month but if I write two posts in a month or three posts in two months then YAY ME.

Onward to blogging in 2018!

Anniversary Post – Seven Years of Blogging


A good question to ask on your 'Blogiversary'--What goals do you have for your blog? Here are a few of mine... I

This October marks the 7th anniversary of my blog!

In the Spring of 2009, I attended the NAPO Conference in Orlando and signed up for a workshop on how to start a blog. I loved to write and I enjoyed sharing my organizing knowledge–blogging married those two loves together.

I started my blog shortly after my then three year old started preschool. I began on the Blogger platform and a few years ago my blog moved to WordPress coinciding with the redesign of my website. I reviewed ‘Cool Products,’ offered ‘Organizing Quick Tips,’ and wrote about anything I thought my readers would find helpful. Then child #2 came along and I did my best to keep up with blogging. Three years later (when he, too went to preschool) I decided to resurrect and complete a ten year old manuscript and self-publish a book. Still kept up with my blog. It was a challenge–but when you’re writing a book, the writing somehow just flows off your fingertips.

Recently, I was reviewing my posts and noticed I hadn’t written one for my 5th or 6th anniversary.  I didn’t write a 5th anniversary post because I was heading towards the self-publishing finish line and needed to focus to complete the enormous task. The 6th anniversary post never got written because I stopped blogging. Completely. Not one post for fourteen months. What happened?

A home renovation/addition project.

We purged our home, packed it all up and moved out for nine months. My brain was making so many renovation-related decisions and adjusting to living in temporary quarters–I just had no brain bandwidth for blogging. Took it off my plate completely. It was a bit weird–not writing at all. But sometimes in life we must put certain tasks on the back burner to accomplish a goal.

It took fourteen months, but in July of this year I got back to writing for my blog. I wasn’t sure how I’d jump back into the blogging pool so I decided to write about what I knew–my home renovation/addition experience. I thought about my experience and the knowledge I could pass on to my readers and the words started to flow.  After a year’s+ hiatus, I had some time to think about the steps I wanted to take to move my blog forward.

In past ‘blogiversary’ posts, I’ve talked about my blogging goals for the year ahead. Here are a few for 2017…


I 'Heart' Pinterest I

Boosting Pinterest traffic to my blog

I ‘heart’ Pinterest. I could be on that site all day if I had the time! There is a wealth of information in those millions of pins for both personal and professional use. I am planning on joining a few group boards and posting my blog posts to them to grow my blog traffic. I’m learning how to write more descriptive, keyword-rich pin descriptions for my blog posts and communicate more with those who are pinning them. Did I mention how much I ‘heart’ Pinterest?????

Using Canva to brighten up my blog posts I organizedartistry.comCreating Images in Canva

Canva is an online tool used for designing professional-looking graphics. If you’re on Pinterest or read a ton of blogs, you’ll see many utilizing Canva or similar tools to create eye-catching images for their blogs, later to be pinned and posted to social media sites. I used to be a graphic designer and I wasn’t happy with the look of my blog photos so I started learning about and using Canva. My first ‘creation’ can be found here.

Creating a Blogging Calendar

I’ve tried this in the past but it hasn’t worked for me. Maybe I wasn’t using the right calendar? Maybe I’m not spending enough time on the planning process? This is something on my to-do list for December so I can start in January.

Stop Comparing Myself to Other Bloggers

This is a tough one. I read many blogs and I wish I could have a larger readership and stunning photography like them. I’ve come to realize that for many bloggers out there, their blog is what they do for a living. That’s their main focus and they can create beautifully written and photographed posts 5-7 times a week. My situation is different. I work when my kids are in school. I travel to and work with clients for a large chunk of that time. I just started a newsletter. I’ll be adding Virtual Organizing services to my business model in 2017. I am working on the three goals I stated above. I blog when I can.  I just have to keep reminding myself that there are only 24 hours in a day and that I’m moving my blog and my business in a positive direction…

It’s not easy to come back from any kind of hiatus. I’ll be coming back to blogging slowly–keep an eye out more pretty pics, ‘cool products,’ gotta-tell-a-friend ideas and of course, organizing know-how.

You don’t have to wait ’til January 1st to set goals. Do you have any goals for your blog, business or personal life? Share them in the comments below.


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Anniversary Post – It’s Been Four Years!

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It doesn’t seem that long ago that I dropped my three year old off at preschool, came back to my office and wrote my first blog post. I had so many ideas swirling around in my head–I couldn’t wait to put them in blog form.

That three year old is now in second grade and it’s the fourth anniversary of my blog! The four years have flown by quickly. I can’t believe I’ve written close to two hundred posts in that time.

In reviewing my posts, I saw that the most popular post I’ve written over the past four years is Best Products for Organizing Your Car. I’m thinking of writing a Part 2. Or maybe a series of posts titled, ‘Best Products for Organizing Your ________.’ Gotta go with what works!

I’m always thinking about what I’ll write next. Sometimes it will be about something I’ve seen, learned or experienced. Sometimes I’ll write about a product or helpful resource. What I do try to keep in mind as I write is that a blog post should do at least one of five things for their readers:

• Educate
• Entertain
• Inform
• Inspire
• Empower

I keep this list handy when I’m gathering ideas for my blog. I write for my own enjoyment and to keep up my skills as a writer but for the most part, I write for YOU–my reader. I hope over the past four years I have educated, entertained, informed, inspired and empowered you to lead a more organized life.

I also have exciting news! All being well and good, this time next year, my blog will be part of a WordPress website–no more separate blog. I am in the process of hiring a designer to merge my existing website and blog into one WordPress site. I can’t wait–my website has needed a makeover for a while and there are things about my blog I’d love to change (larger writing and photo area, different fonts/colors). I’ll be keeping you posted throughout the process and I look forward to celebrating my fifth anniversary with you and my new, improved WordPress site.

Another exciting development–my book. Although I’ve said in past anniversary posts that I would post updates about the book I was writing, I’ve been pretty quiet. I promise to blog about it more often in the future. I completed the manuscript at the end of 2012 and hired a book coach this summer to help me navigate the sometimes bumpy road to self-publishing. One of the many details she helped me with was a title. The working title is: The Organized Bride’s Thank You Note Handbook: Let Systems and 101 Modern Sample Thank You Notes Take You From Overwhelmed to Organized. The peer review stage is almost complete and the manuscript will be reviewed by an editor by the end of the year.

With all of these exciting projects come extra work. And extra work means sometimes I don’t have ample time to write a blog post (kids home on school vacations take away from writing time, too). So, I have been hosting guest bloggers to bring you new ideas and fresh perspectives when I am unable to fill that space. I hope you have learned from them–I know I’ve picked up a few great organizing ideas from my guest bloggers, too.

Image from

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my posts. Your support, kind comments and words of encouragement motivate me to keep writing and bringing you the best of the world of organizing. Onward to year five of blogging!

My Top Ten Organizing Posts


It’s hard to believe but Organized Artistry is heading into it’s 11th year in business. The time has certainly flown! In that time, I’ve written organizing tip articles for my website and almost four years ago, I started this blog.

In honor of 11 years of organizing, I share with you the top ten most popular posts of this blog–plus one bonus post to make it 11. I hope at least one of them will offer you an idea or a resource for creating and maintaining an organized life.

Curious as to what readers liked most?

Top 3 blog posts:

Best Products for Organizing Your Car
This post was the most popular by a landslide! Maybe I need to add ‘car organizing’ to my list of services…

Organizing Inspiration from Curious George
Who would think that a mischievous monkey could teach us a lesson on organization?

Peter Walsh Organizes Rachael Ray’s Kitchen
She’s got a smaller kitchen than one would assume. Peter Walsh makes cooking at home a more stress-free activity for the famous cook.

Cool Product blog posts:

Cool Product – Jewelry Organizer
Not your usual jewelry holder…

Cool Product – Cable Turtle
Wires! Wires! Wires! No more unsightly wire messes thanks to cable turtles.

Cool Product – Fridge Binz
If your fridge need organizing, check these out…

Other popular blog posts:

De-Cluttering Tips
Simple, basic steps to follow for de-cluttering…

Top Ten Helper Shelf ‘Hot Spots’ for Your Home
This was a popular post, too. I love helper shelves! See how they can transform your closets and cabinets.

Organizing Up and Down–a Vertical Makeover
My motto: “If you can’t go outward, go UPWARD!”

Organizing on the Cheap: Target Dollar Spot
Love the Target Dollar Spot. You never know what organizing products (or other goodies) you’ll find there.

New Baby? Time to Get Organized
These little people have a lot of stuff and require a ton of organization!

Bonus post: Some organizing humor…

Professional Organizer Humor
Yes, there’s a bumper sticker for our profession, too!

My blog posts are written with the intention of providing information, tips, resources and sometimes a good laugh. I hope they have provided you with all that and more. Thanks so much for supporting Organized Artistry!

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Anniversary Post – Organizing in October

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It’s the third anniversary of my blog!

October of 2009 is when I dove into the world of blogging. My three year old had just started preschool and I was pregnant with child #2, when I wrote my first post. Three years later, that three year old is in first grade and the little one who kicked my insides while I blogged is in preschool!

In past Anniversary posts, I’ve talked about the improvements I had made to my blog and what I’d like to add to it in the future. This year, in honor of my three years as a blogger, I’d like to take a short walk down memory lane. Here are a few highlights from my blog’s anniversary month.

Ah, memories…

Circa 2009…

Blogging Beginner
My first blog post

Organizing on the Cheap
The first category I created for my blog, inspired by the articles I used to write for Organize Magazine called ‘Organizing on a Shoestring’

De-Cluttering Tips
My first post that offered readers organizing tips

Circa 2010…

Anniversary Post
Celebrating one year of blogging. Goals met and more to meet in the future…

Helpful Organizing Tips – Back to School
Good advice for anytime of the school year…

Circa 2011…

Anniversary Post
Reflecting upon my second year as a blogger. Some goals met, some I’m still working on…

Professional Organizer Humor
I like to keep this blog light and funny…

Wire Pull-Outs for Kitchen Organization
One of many posts to show how a Professional Organizer keeps their home organized.

As I’ve said in my past Anniversary posts, I love writing this blog.I hope that each post you read brings you either a good laugh or a good idea. I’m not going to end this post without discussing my goal for next year. My biggest goal to reach by October 2013 is to merge this blog with my website. I’ve been doing some research and by anniversary post #4, I hope to be able to present you a new and improved place to bring you cool products, ‘gotta-tell-a-friend’ ideas and a whole lotta organizing know-how…

Anniversary Post

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Today I celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Organized Artistry blog. Woo-hoo!

In my first year of blogging, I was getting used to writing weekly while juggling a pregnancy and new baby. This past year, I’ve learned a lot about blogging and although still sleep deprived, wrote and posted more often–one of the many goals I had set out to accomplish.

Some of my other goals were:

• Post more pictures with blog posts. Check! I think it livens up the page a bit more, don’t you?
• Post 3x a month or more. Check! Who knew that there was so much to write about on the topic of organizing?
• Post more entries on unique organizing products. Check! I’m always on the lookout for cool products. Stay tuned for a review of a product I just bought for myself…

Some goals I didn’t meet:
• Talking about my book, 7 Steps to an Organized Wedding Thank You Note
• Discussing the process of writing a full length manuscript on the above topic (while juggling family and lack of time and sleep)
• Offering more organizing tips to brides and grooms

Although I will still create posts on this topic, I am considering creating a separate Facebook Page for my current and future book in 2012. I’m working on my manuscript in small chunks–just like I would advise an organizing client to do with a large task–break it down so it’s more managable. Will keep you posted my progress….

What I’ve added to my blog:
• Guest bloggers! I’ve been doing some guest blogging lately, and I thought, ‘Why not invite some bloggers to post at Organized Artistry?’ I think it’s been a fun way to bring new ideas and writing styles to my blog, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the posts.
• New Categories! Such as ‘Guest Blogger,’ ‘What’s in my Workbag?’ and ‘Kitchen’
• A connection to my Organized Artistry Facebook Page
• The ability to subscribe to my blog via email (top right of page)

My goals for this year are:
• Post more often
• Post helpful content
• Offer more guest blog posts
• Give you the answers to your burning organizing questions
• Build a growing readership

I have a blast writing this blog–I hope you enjoy reading it and learning from it. Let me know what you’ve learned or would like to learn about organizing this year. Your questions and need for answers are my future blog posts!

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Organized Artistry’s 9th Anniversary – 9 Organizing Tips for You


July 27, 2011 is the 9th anniversary of my first client. Thank you Mrs. Z for trusting me with your papers and your closet. Hopefully, you had no idea I was a ‘newbie’ when I walked through your door…

Since that time, I’ve worked with more than 50+ clients–all of them like snowflakes–no two were alike. But, the one trait they all shared was their desire to get organized. Over the years, my clients have asked for some key tips on how to become and stay organized. In honor of Organized Artistry’s 9th anniversary, I am going to share 9 organizing tips to help you reach your goals and lead a less stressful life.

Use one, use some, or use them all…

1. Just Do It. Stop complaining/thinking/worrying about your clutter and instead draw out a written plan to tackle it.

2. Start small. Rooms full of clutter overwhelm most people. Start by sorting items one shelf, one drawer, or one corner of a room at a time. Feeling ambitious? Try one more and get back to sorting the next day.

3. Know Thyself. When do you work best? Mornings? Evenings? Organize when you are at your most energetic.

4. Give ’em a Good Home. Invest in a high-quality file cabinet for your papers. My father’s file cabinet is almost as old as I am and still functions well. My favorite brand of file cabinet (and my dad’s, too) is HON.

5. Save Money Where You Can. Don’t spend a ton of money on organizing products until you know exactly what you need. Until then, use shoeboxes, Ziploc bags and other free or inexpensive organizers.

6. Wear Sturdy Footwear. You never know what might fall off a high (or low) shelf. You never know what you might step on. Protect your feet while organizing–no flip flops or bare feet!

7. One-In-One-Out. If you bring something into your home, something must go. Bought some new towels? Purge some old ones. Got a new pair of black shoes? Send another pair walking. One-in-one-out keeps the amount of ‘stuff’ in your home at an even level. To really de-clutter, live by the One-in-three-out rule.

8. Take Before and After Pictures. You don’t have to show them to anybody. Just take the pictures and keep them for yourself. My prediction is that you’ll make sure your home never reaches ‘Before’ status again!

9. Reward your Accomplishments. Whether you organized a large clothes closet or a small drawer of office supplies, note the accomplishment and reward yourself accordingly. Manicure? Double-chocolate cookie? An evening on the couch with a good book/funny movie/loving spouse? You’ve worked hard at reaching your organizing goals–you deserve it!

Nine years in business is quite a milestone. Thanks so much to my clients, colleagues, family, and friends for helping me to get to this day.

Anniversary Post

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I can’t believe it, but this month marks the one year anniversary of my blog. I had taken a class in blogging at the NAPO Conference in Orlando in Spring 2009 and got to create it last October on a day when my then 3 year old started preschool. At the time, I was also not quite 3 months pregnant with my second child and still feeling well enough to ‘give birth’ to another extension of my business.

I had set some goals for myself—some I met and some I didn’t…

The ones I met…

• Create interesting content for my blog

• Post at least 2x a month

• Offer great ideas for readers wanting to get organized

Goals I still have to meet…

• Talk about my 7 Steps to an Organized Wedding Thank you Note Book

• Discuss process of writing a full-length manuscript on the same topic (or not getting to write because you have an infant and a preschooler at home)

• Offer organizing tips to brides and grooms

• Post more pictures with blog posts

• Post 3x a month or more

• Post more entries on unique organizing products

I tell my clients not to be too hard on themselves and I’m going to take my own advice. I’m not going to be too hard on myself for not meeting those goals. I had a tough pregnancy and I’ve been sleep deprived since last Spring. There are only so many hours in a day to accomplish what you want to when you have two kids under the age of four!

I’ve loved writing this blog and I’m looking forward to writing more and providing my readers with interesting and helpful content.

Thanks again for droppin’ by…

What area of YOUR life needs organizing?

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