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Twenty-Eight Top Ten Organizing Lists!

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Who doesn’t love a good top ten list? I think David Letterman made them famous but wherever you turn on the internet whether it be a newsletter, a blog, or a sales pitch, everyone has a top ten list. I even have one on my website (left under the Facebook logo).

In my last post, I wrote about the top ten helper shelf ‘hot spots’ in your home. If you’re not already using helper shelves, I hope my post gave you some inspiration to double your space on any of your horizontal surfaces.

I submitted that post to The Professional Organizers Blog Carnival for August. The theme: Top Ten Lists. Twenty-eight Professional Organizers contributed to the ‘Top Ten Lists’ Blog Carnival. That’s 280 tips! To read all 280 nuggets of organizing advice, go to Top Ten Lists – August 2012 Professional Organizers Blog Carnival.

Some of the Top Ten Lists you’ll find are:

• Ten Tips to Save Big Money on Your Food Budget
• Top Ten Ways to Say ‘No’
• Ten Strategies to Stop Procrastinating
• Ten Best Sources for Organizing Help

…and twenty-four more! (including mine)

So, if you have some time to relax this weekend and would like to pick up  ‘a few’ organizing tips, kick back with some BBQ and the Top Ten List Blog Carnival. You never know what you’ll learn!

Blog Carnival – Product Reviews

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This past month was the first time in almost three years that I took a break from social media. No blog posts for a month and only one or two Facebook shares. No original content was created for anyone in the month of June. Instead, I focused on family events and took a trip with my hubby and kids. My head is more clear now and I’m ready to blog again!

Before I started my social media ‘break’, I submitted a post to the ‘Your Organizing Business’ Blog Carnival. The last one I participated in was about helping families get organized. This one focused on Product Reviews of Organizing Products.

The product review I submitted was about the wonders of cable turtles. Our homes and offices would be a web of wires if not for this great product!

If you’re wondering what organizing products might work for you in your home or office, this is the place to check them out. Twenty three professional organizers have road-tested these products for you. I’m still only halfway through the list!

When you find a product from the list you think might help organize your space or time, let me know about it. I’d love to hear about your newest discovery! Meanwhile, I’ll be trolling the list looking for some cool products to try…

Blog Carnival – no Ferris Wheel or Funnel Cakes


A Blog Carnival? You may be asking, ‘What is that?’

Like I said above, at this carnival there is no ferris wheel, funnel cake, or way to win an oversized teddy bear.

A Blog Carnival is a recurring, theme-driven publication which congregates content from many sources in one place online. (Thank you for this definition…)

I am thrilled to be a part of my first Blog Carnival!

Janet Barclay of Organized Assistant has created a space for Professional Organizer bloggers to share their knowledge with each other and the online world. Each month, blog posts are contributed based on a different theme. This month’s theme is Organizing for Families.

I’m honored to be one of sixteen Professional Organizer bloggers helping families get organized. I contributed my recent post, Best Products for Organizing Your Car, but to read posts written by my colleagues, head straight to the carnival. No tickets necessary!

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