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Declutter, Donate, and Do Good

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Every Friday on my Facebook Fan Page I offer my fans an organizing tip based on a monthly theme. September’s theme is Decluttering.

Decluttering is about sorting and purging your belongings, creating a logical home for them and letting go of the items that you no longer want. Sometimes those items will go in the trash. Sometimes they’ll end up in the loving arms of a friend or family member.

Sometimes, they’ll end up in the loving arms of a stranger. A stranger who has been looking for that item you are giving away. A stranger who cannot otherwise afford to buy that item new.

As the saying goes, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”

Before you begin the decluttering process in your home, think about where you would like to take your donations to. This prevents the donated items from lingering in your home too long. Either…

Bag ’em up. Put them in your trunk.  Drive to a donation center.


Bag ’em up. Call for a pickup. Place bags in front of your door.

Below is a short list of organizations that accept donations. Some have freestanding stores and some will pick up at your home. All will give you a tax deduction form for your records.

Vietnam Veterans
The Salvation Army

These are the biggies, but don’t forget your local thrift shops and donation centers, too!

Where do you usually donate your unwanted items?

Back-to-School Organizing Tips

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During the month of August I’ve been posting weekly organizing tips to my Organized Artistry Facebook page. The topic: back-to-school organizing.

This past week I talked about how to avoid the age old question, ‘What should I make my kids for lunch?’  But, lunch is not the only thing that can go in a lunch box. How about including a note or surprise in that lunchbox that shows your kid that you’re thinking of them during the day? Need some good note/surprise ideas? How about 51 of them? Read…

51 Smile-Inducing Lunch Box Notes and Surprises

Keep it organized by determining when you’ll include a note or surprise with your child’s lunch–every Monday, the day of a big test, or when you want to give them a little extra lovin’ are a few good ideas. Mark it on your calendar as an extra reminder.

My son starts kindergarten this Fall–I’ve bookmarked the site so I can refer to it during the year. He’s going to love some of these notes and surprises. I like #19 and #25 best.

Which one will your child like?

Back-to-School Time!

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If it’s August, it must be Back-to-School shopping time!

In honor of the tradition, I’ll be posting weekly organizing tips on Organized Artistry’s Facebook Fan Page on the topic of Back-to-School organizing. Check back every week in August for a new way to get your kids (and yourself) organized for the upcoming school year.

Until then, I leave you with one of my favorite commercials…

I’d better practice my singing–my five year old starts kindergarten this year and he needs supplies!

Organizing for Travel Tips on Facebook

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I just posted the second of my four travel/organizing tips at my Organized Artistry Facebook page.

If you’re going away for more than a night, you’ll appreciate this week’s tip. Hint: it has to do with footwear…

Wishing you safe and organized travel!

Facebook Tip of the Week

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People are always asking me for organizing tips. I enjoy being able to provide helpful advice and strategies so starting this week, I’m going to be offering a ‘Tip of the Week’ on my Facebook Fan Page.

Every month I will cover a different topic. July’s tips will be all about Getting Organized for Travel. Are you going away this summer? Be sure to check my Facebook Fan Page for tips to help you get where you want to go in an organized fashion…

It’s the 2nd Annual Social Media Day

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According to Mashable, a popular social media and technology blog, Thursday, June 30th is Social Media Day.

From their website:

“The global event is a celebration of the technological advancements that enable everyone to connect with real-time information, communicate from miles apart and have their voices be heard. It is a way to recognize and celebrate the huge impact that social media has made on all of our lives”

Tweet and ‘Like’ to your heart’s content. Check in on FourSquare and link up on Linkedin. After that, watch The Social Network with a bunch of your Facebook friends. Don’t know much about social media? Then Thursday is the perfect day to start thinking about joining the social media revolution.

I joined Linkedin first–I have a small business. It made sense to me to join as a small business owner and wouldn’t require a ton of my time. I didn’t want to join Facebook at first. As a mom of a then four year old and newborn baby, I barely had time to devote to our basic needs, let alone a new pastime. But, my colleagues (and friends) advised me that it would be a smart move to have a social media presence for my business and my book. So, as soon as the baby (and I) started sleeping better, I set up my personal and business profile. Although I post as often as I can, (still working on the lack-of-sleep issue) I also enjoy reading what friends, relatives, colleagues and business owners are up to.

This week I added social media buttons to my blog posts for easy sharing of information. Tomorrow, I’m going to make sure my profiles on Linkedin and Facebook are up-to-date and research how to create a Welcome page for my Organized Artistry Facebook Fan Page.

How will YOU celebrate Social Media Day?

Social Media Buttons – Hooray!

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I always wondered where people got those cool looking social media buttons. I wanted them for my blog but didn’t know the first thing about finding them.

So, today while my little guy was napping, I did a search. Much to my surprise, they’re all over the place! They come in different colors, shapes, styles–all I really wanted was a simple set to place after each of my blog posts–nothing fancy.

In my search I cam across a very helpful article at Internet Marketing for Mommies. The directions were very easy to follow. Found my buttons at AddThis and a few minutes later–Presto! I have social media buttons after each of my posts.

Now that the buttons are there, feel free to go back to some of your favorite posts and share them with those who you think might learn from them and enjoy them. Thanks!

Facebook Fan Page Photostrip Redux

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I jumped onto the Facebook bandwagon in late 2010. I was just beginning to understand the ‘old’ Facebook Fan Page when they announced that there would be changes. Changes? I just got used to the old way!

Well–I could fight change or go with it. I decided to go with it. In my quest to make my Fan Page as inviting as I could, I happened upon a blog called the Social Media Examiner that was talking about optimizing the new Facebook Fan Page layout. In one of their posts, they offered a great idea for the photostrip–the recent addition of five photo boxes at the top of your Fan Page.

Up until recently, I had my company logo, the NAPO logo, a photo of my book and some clip art in the photostrip. None of it fit perfectly in those squares and it wasn’t looking very good. In fact, it looked disorganized! Aahhhh!

Now, you can delete those photo boxes, but why not take the opportunity to fill them with business related photos? In my business, I take a lot of photos of heaps of paper and piles of clothes–not exactly the most exciting or aesthetically pleasing pictures. I decided instead to create my own pictures–of words–words that reflected the nature of my business and the art of organizing.

Here’s an example:

The photos in the photostrip are displayed randomly so I’ll be adding new ones often–offering some quick organizing tips and motivational text-bytes.

Check out my Fan Page photostrip and become a Fan! You never know what you’ll find at the top of my Organized Artistry Fan Page!

I’m on Facebook!

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OK–so it took me a while and I still need to tweak it a bit but Organized Artistry finally has a Facebook Fan Page!

Come on over and add yourself to the growing list of people who ‘LIKE’ it. I’ll be offering holiday organizing tips through the end of the year–who can’t use a few of those?

See you on Facebook…

Facebook Fan Page?

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In my anniversary post, I talked about goals I had and had not met during my first year as a blogger. One goal I forgot to add to the ‘still-need-to-do’ list is to create a Facebook Fan Page for my business. In light of the popularity of social media, I think it’s important to have a presence for my business and my book on Facebook.

So, in the next few days/weeks/months–however long it takes me–I’m going to create a Facebook Fan Page for my business, Organized Artistry and my book 7 Steps to an Organized Wedding Thank You Note. If anyone has any tips or helpful hints to offer I’d be most appreciative.
I’ll keep ya posted!

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