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Blog Carnival – no Ferris Wheel or Funnel Cakes


A Blog Carnival? You may be asking, ‘What is that?’

Like I said above, at this carnival there is no ferris wheel, funnel cake, or way to win an oversized teddy bear.

A Blog Carnival is a recurring, theme-driven publication which congregates content from many sources in one place online. (Thank you for this definition…)

I am thrilled to be a part of my first Blog Carnival!

Janet Barclay of Organized Assistant has created a space for Professional Organizer bloggers to share their knowledge with each other and the online world. Each month, blog posts are contributed based on a different theme. This month’s theme is Organizing for Families.

I’m honored to be one of sixteen Professional Organizer bloggers helping families get organized. I contributed my recent post, Best Products for Organizing Your Car, but to read posts written by my colleagues, head straight to the carnival. No tickets necessary!

I’m a Guest Blogger!

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Babies are so little.

Babies are so cute.

Babies are so disorganized!

OK–so they don’t have the upper body strength to sort and purge and they certainly can’t address their own birth announcement envelopes. But, their parents can…

Know anyone having a baby soon? Good–I’m guest blogging at this week with a helpful post called Get Organized For Your New Baby!. Feel free to share my post with those who have a bundle of joy on the way. I have two little ones and take it from me–being organized enabled me to find what I needed when I needed it on very little sleep…

I’m a Guest Blogger!

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The most popular months for weddings are coming up soon! So, by now, you’re deluged with tons of engagement gifts and bridal shower presents. Don’t panic! Check out my latest guest blog post at called, ‘Say Thank You the Organized Way.’

I offer brides and grooms a few thank you note writing organizing tips to help keep stress levels at a minimum. These tips can be used for anyone with a ton of people to thank–new parents, new graduates, etc.

Keep it organized and you’ll be keeping the task under control!

I’m a Guest Blogger!

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February may be National Weddings Month but January has been Guest Blogger Month for me. To end the month, I am guest blogging about getting organized for wedding planning at

It may sound like the creators of The Wedding Yentas are a bunch of ladies who are eighty years old and live in Miami, but instead, they are two young women–one a wedding photographer, the other a Jewish bride who saw a need and created a space where tradition mixes with hip and current trends.

If you know a Jewish bride, send them to the Wedding Yentas. Tell ’em Tevya and Golda sent you…

I’m a Guest Blogger!

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January is ‘Get Organized Month’ but for me personally, it has become ‘Guest Blogging Month!’

Through a connection made on LinkedIn, I am guest blogging at the blog of Professional Organizer Milena Borges called ‘There is Always Room.’ My topic: ‘Getting Organized for Wedding Planning: The Wedding Binder.’

Know anyone who just got engaged or who is in the middle of planning their wedding? Share the blog’s link with them. You’ll be helping some very busy brides and grooms organize one of the most important events of their lives…

I’m a Guest Blogger!

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I’m very excited to announce that today, I am guest blogging at–a great way to ring in the new year for my business. Dana Ostomel, the Founder of Deposit a Gift, offers her blog’s readers an interesting and informative array of posts written by her and guest bloggers. I am honored to be among them. My post is aimed at brides and grooms and it is called, “Planning Your Wedding? Get Organized!”

Deposit a Gift is a cash gift registry service created to simplify and modernize gift giving. Know any brides or grooms to-be? Share the above links with them. After the wedding, they’ll thank you for much more than your generous gift…

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