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Thursday, February 11th, 2010

When I was growing up, I lived in a very tight space–not much room for collections or ‘extras.’ But, the one thing I chose to collect was Playbills.

I grew up in one of the five boroughs of NYC and always had a love of theater. Broadway was only a subway away and over the years I came to collect many Playbills from shows I had seen. I kept them in shoeboxes under my bed–that was my inexpensive way of keeping them organized.
I have since graduated from shoe boxes to clear containers but I just found out about a great product and wanted to pass it on to you. A client of mine sees a lot of shows and like me, enjoys keeping the Playbills. She did a little research and found the ‘Playbill Binder.’
They come in a few different sizes–one for contemporary-sized Playbills. one for a collection of larger sized and contemporary Playbills and one economically-priced binder for Playbills of any size.
You don’t have to be a lover of Broadway to use this product. Maybe you’re a proud parent or grandparent and want to keep the ‘playbills’ from dance recitals and band performances. Maybe you do community theater in your neighborhood and wish to hold onto the playbills from the shows you perform in. Whatever your needs are, the Playbill Binder is a great investment for keeping Playbills from getting bent out of shape or lost in the shuffle.
Maybe it’s time for me to graduate from clear containers to the Playbill Binder???

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Stacey is a professional organizer & speaker in New Jersey specializing in residential organizing, time, and paper management challenges. She also authored The Organized Bride’s Thank You Note Handbook: Let Systems and 101 Modern Sample Thank You Notes Take You From Overwhelmed to Organized.

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