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Organizing Quick Tip: Shopping List Post-it

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

How many times have you gone to the supermarket with your shopping list written on a piece of paper and any of the following happens:

• you lose it

• it drops somewhere in the cart and gets trapped under your heaviest item

• you have to carry the list while pushing the cart because you think you might lose it or drop it

Your trip to the supermarket is about to get easier…

Today’s Organizing Quick Tip:

Use large post-its for your shopping list and stick them to the
front compartment of the cart.

Organizing Quick Tip: Shopping List Post-it I #groceryshoppingtip

No more fumbling for your list. No more balancing your list and a bag of bananas. Your list is right in front of you making shopping easier and less stressful–that’s what organizing is all about.

I like the fact that these post-its have lines to write on, making your list easier to compose and read. By placing the list in this spot, it also makes it easier to cross items off your list with a pen. You can find these lined post-its in most office supply stores–or Amazon if you need a few extra dollars to make that free shipping limit…

For those of you who have small children seated in that front compartment, I know you can’t stick your shopping list in the spot above–I’ve been there. My kids’ shopping cart cover had side pockets for bottles/snacks and while my sons were little and sitting in that front section of the cart, I’d put the big post-it shopping list in one of those pockets. Yes, sometimes my child would grab it and I’d have to move it around (and sometimes even stick it to myself) but that period of their lives won’t last long. Soon you will be able to stick your post-it shopping list on the shopping cart.

Who’s going shopping the organized way today?


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About Stacey Agin Murray

Stacey is a professional organizer & speaker in New Jersey specializing in residential organizing, time, and paper management challenges. She also authored The Organized Bride’s Thank You Note Handbook: Let Systems and 101 Modern Sample Thank You Notes Take You From Overwhelmed to Organized.

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10 responses to “Organizing Quick Tip: Shopping List Post-it”

  1. Andi Willis says:

    What a great idea! More than once I’ve had to retrace my steps in the store to try to find me list. I knew I needed an excuse to buy more Post-Its! 🙂

  2. Jill Robson says:

    Great idea, I have been toying about getting a small clip board to attach my list to, but this might work for me.

  3. Stacey Agin Murray says:

    As if we needed an excuse to buy more post-its! I came up with this idea after I acquired these post-its from someone who didn’t like the colors. Before I had a GPS, I’d also write driving directions to client’s homes on them and stick it to my steering wheel. Three cheers for post-its!

  4. Deb Lee says:

    I love those Post-its! But, I haven’t used them in that way before (am using a shopping list in Evernote), but I can see how they would come in handy. Who am I fooling? When is a Post-It not handy?! 😉

  5. Jill Robson says:

    I don’t have GPS so I still stick post it notes on my dash when going to a new client.

  6. Stacey Agin Murray says:

    I’ve heard of many people that now use their phones instead of paper now for their shopping list. I’ll have to try it one day but not until my kids are older–they like to scratch items off the list as we shop!

  7. I take the whole notepad with me so it doesn’t easily disappear, but I do have to carry it. This is very clever and I would NEVER have thought of it.

  8. Thanks, Janet! I like to go hands-free in the supermarket–especially when I have one or two of my kids with me. Necessity is the mother of invention…

  9. Oh, how I wish I’d invented Post-Its!

  10. You’re not the only one who has had the same thought. Sticky paper–one man’s vision has changed the way we function in the world…

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