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Residential Organizing

Organized Artistry is committed to providing hands-on, creative, and individualized solutions to your residential organizing, time, and paper management challenges.

How can our services help YOU achieve your organizing goals?:


✓ Clutter Control
Look around. Does the ‘stuff’ you own enhance your quality of life? Does some of it remind you of unhappy times? Can you safely walk from one room to another? Organized Artistry can act as a guide in helping you in decide what should stay and what should go.

✓ Closets
Be proud to swing those doors wide open! Allow Organized Artistry to assist you in creating a harmonious place to house your belongings.

✓ Bedrooms
If your bedroom is more conducive to anxiety than R & R, let us help you transform it into an organized and peaceful sanctuary.

✓ Bathrooms
When was the last time you took a close look in your medicine cabinet, make-up bag, or under your sink? Organized Artistry can help you rid your bathroom of clutter as well as unhealthy and potentially toxic substances.

✓ Kitchens
Is your kitchen the center of your home or the center of your frustrations? Let us work with you to create a practical and logical environment for whipping up meals, storing utensils and making the most of your counter space.

✓ Basements
Are you scared to go down there? Have the spiders taken over? Organized Artistry can work with you to de-clutter your basement and create extra space in your home for storage and/or family fun.

✓ Photographs
How long would it take you to locate pictures from your last vacation or cousin Barbara’s wedding? Together, we can archive those piles of photos into uniquely categorized albums or boxes. Let the reminiscing begin!

✓ Kid Rooms/Areas
We all know that kids would rather fill their tummies than fill their toyboxes. Organized Artistry can work with you and your children to create systems of organization for straightening rooms, study skills, clean-up time and any other time.

✓ Are You Selling Your Home?
Clutter-free homes appear more spacious and can lead to a quicker sale. Let us help you ‘purge’ and organize your home so it will attract ‘top dollar.’


✓ Scheduling
Do you know how long it takes for you to drive to work? Cook a chicken? Get ready to leave the house in the morning? Knowing how long it takes you to complete a task can increase your efficiency, decrease your level of stress, and improve your sense of time management.

✓ Time-Tools
For remembering and accomplishing time-related tasks, it is important to employ the proper tools. Do you prefer a pen or a keyboard? Paper or a screen? Watch or sundial? Let us work together to discover and utilize the best time tracking systems for you.

✓ Setting Goals
Oftentimes, we devote too much time to activities we can’t say ‘no’ to and not enough time to activities that bring us pure joy. We can help you figure out what you REALLY want to make time for and how to organize your life around meeting your goals, finding your passion, and improving your life.


✓ De-cluttering
Let us help you determine which papers are important to keep, which can be thrown away, and which documents MUST go through a shredder for your protection.

✓ Mail
Bills, magazines, advertisements, the occasional greeting card–multiply all of those by the number of people in your home and that’s A LOT of mail. We work with you to create systems for handling incoming and organizing outgoing mail.

✓ Paper Management
Where do you put recipes, notes from the teacher, warranties, medical records, and all of your other papers? Could you find them in a pinch? Let us assist you in taking control of those piles!

✓ Filing Systems
A refrigerator is a home for your food. Like the fridge, a file cabinet is a home for your papers. We can work together to create individualized and effective filing systems for all of your paper storage and retrieval needs. (PS–Don’t eat the paper…)

Unique Services

✓ Wedding Album Coordination
Your wedding photographer took 900 proofs and you have to pick 32 for your album. Organized Artistry will help you break this overwhelming task into small steps to create a wedding album to cherish for a lifetime.

✓ Thank-You Note Coordination
You just got back from your honeymoon…or your baby is due next week…The gifts are piled high and you don’t know where to start. Let us help you organize your lists so Aunt Shirley doesn’t mistakenly receive Uncle Marty’s thank you card. We’ll also share our crowd-pleasin’ 7 step thank you card writing system–a must for busy people.

✓ Wardrobe Management
It is estimated that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. Let Organized Artistry look in your closet to help you discover what you have and what you need to create a flattering, mix-and-match wardrobe that’s 100% fabulous.

✓ Book/Thesis Coordination
Writing a book or thesis can be an overwhelming experience. We can work with you on organizing your thoughts, research, desk, and most of all your time. We’ll leave the writing to you…

✓ Macintosh Computer Organization
Is your Mac a jumble of files and folders? Are you constantly relying upon the ‘Find File’ command to locate documents? If so, we can show you how to organize your Mac for split-second information retrieval.


How We Work

Organized Artistry…

Office Hours

Monday – Friday, 9:30am-2:30pm
Client session hours: Monday – Friday between 10am and 2pm
Phone appointments can be made in the evening between 8:30 and 10pm.
Organized Artistry does not offer evening or weekend appointments at this time.


$75 per hour with a 2 hour minimum per organizing session.
For every twelve completed and paid sessions, your 13th is on us! (Our ‘Baker’s Dozen’ plan)

The Process…

  1. Email Stacey using the Contact Us form.
  2. Stacey will email you back.
  3. You and Stacey will pick a mutually convenient time to have a phone chat to make sure Organized Artistry can help.
  4. If you and Stacey feel that Organized Artistry can be of assistance, a no-cost, no-obligation half hour Needs Assessment will be scheduled.
  5. Stacey meets you, you meet her, you give her a ‘tour’ of your organizing challenges. There will be some chit chat (Stacey will do most of the listening), discussion of your vision for the space, your budget, etc.
  6. If you choose to use Organized Artistry’s services, a service agreement is signed and an appointment for the first day of hands-on organizing is scheduled.
  7. Organizing begins!

Does this sound like we’ll be a ‘good fit?’ If your answer is ‘yes,’ please fill out the form on our Contact Us page. We’d love to assist you with your organizing challenges!

Professional Affiliations

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